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About the Blogging Hot Dog

Thai, Thailand, dog rescue, dog, adopt, adoption

Why The Blogging Hot Dog you ask?

Like many dogs in Thailand, Thai was quite literally destined to be a “Hot Dog”.  Unfortunately if she had been left on the beach, her fate was pretty much sealed.  In fact, a few days after we got back from our holiday, we found out that the other dogs had been “removed” from the beach … if you know what I mean .. Fortunately Thai walked (or rather “flopped”) herself into our lives and adopted us.  After that initial moment (see photo above) we knew we couldn’t leave her there. 

She was living on a beach in Thailand.   So, another reason she was a “HOT dog”! (and boy, do we mean HOT…!)     

Thai joined us in our home in March 2018.  She is now looking healthy, happy and has turned in a good looking “hot” dog 🙂  

It’s amazing how she’s settled in and how affectionate she is.   Along with our existing Goldendoodle, our aim is to give her the best life possible and sharing her journey and our findings as we’re going along.  


About her Forever Home

A very, VERY, brief introduction because this blog is all about the Doggies .. or the Bloggies :).   And of course the blog is about YOU.  There are so many amazing doggy stories out there.  And we would love to hear them!  Whether it’s sad, happy, funny or amazing.  It’s all about sharing and helping each other. 

So anyway, this is us.  Thai’s new Forever Family.   From left to right – Rob, Marianne, Sam and Danny Fairhead.  The furry “Doodle” is Simba.  She’s our 7 year old Goldendoodle.  She’s equally as gorgeous as Thai, but in a more “stubborn fluffy doodle” kind of way. 

We hope you enjoy Thai’s story and the various posts on our site.  

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With love, 

The Blogging Hot Dog Family 


Thai, dog, rescue, adopt, adoption, rescue dog
Thai, Thailand, dog, rescue, rescue dog, adopt, adoption